Scour the caverns. Pillage me loot.
Charge yer vessels, and be gone with ye!

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Auto Refresh

Safari Extension

Use Auto Refresh to set Apple's Safari web browser to refresh on its own every few seconds.
It's the perfect tool for web design, monitoring online auctions, news and more. Learn more . . .

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Delicious Data

jQuery Plugin for Creating Pie Charts

A simple jQuery plugin that builds SVG pie charts based on an easy-to-use API.
It's a great, light-weight, client-side alternative to Google Charts. Learn more . . .

Iron Man Jack-O-Lantern

Iron Man

Jack-O-Lantern Stencil

Carve an Iron Man pumpkin for Halloween with this printable pattern.
If it's not October, you could always try carving a watermelon. Download PDF . . .

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